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It seemes like there's no way to end the long lasting conflict between both groups, until one of the Cowbaes members, Shayne Topp meets his long lost friend, Damien Haas, who is one of the Randy Bandits...

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But despite the arguments and Steve's fleeting interest in journalist Jane, they really do seem to "get" each other.

In one scene, Suzy (who doesn't get along with her parents) laments that she wishes she were an orphan like Sam sometimes, because all her favourite literary heroes are. Line on Love Sam: "I love you, but you don't know what you're talking about." The prologue to The Darjeeling Limited, Hotel Chevalier, gives background on Jack Whitman's (Jason Schwartzman) relationship with his ex-girlfriend (Natalie Portman).

In the short film, Jack is staying at a hotel in France, and his ex surprises him with an international booty call, of sorts.

A constant need for sex was something she would just have to deal with.

A less modest part of her pointed out that she wouldn't struggle for offers of help.Thus far the subject, Bethany Alden, has experienced many changes to her body and to her outlook on life.