Updatetimestampscache pre invalidating space

12-Aug-2017 22:50

updatetimestampscache pre invalidating space-75

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Session [email protected]] for Hibernate transactionorg.hibernate3. Hibernate Transaction Manager - Preparing JDBC Connection of Hibernate Session [org. Hibernate Transaction Manager - Found thread-bound Session [org. Session Impl - opened session at timestamp: 5927941831806976org.hibernate3. Two Phase Load - resolving associations for [system.entity. Two Phase Load - done materializing entity [system.entity. Stateful Persistence Context - initializing non-lazy collectionsorg.hibernate3. Update Timestamps Cache - Pre-invalidating space [demo1_code_generate]org. Abstract Batcher - about to close Prepared Statement (open Prepared Statements: 1, globally: 1)org.hibernate.transaction. Connection Manager - transaction completed on session with on_close connection release mode; be sure to close the session to release JDBC resources! Update Timestamps Cache - Invalidating space [demo1_code_generate], timestamp: 5927941833535488org.hibernate3. use Unicode=true&character Encoding=UTF-8, User [email protected], My SQL Connector Java]2015-11-11 : DEBUG main org.hibernate3.

Session [email protected]] for Hibernate transactionorg.hibernate3. Hibernate Transaction Manager - Opened new Session [org. Hibernate Template - Not closing pre-bound Hibernate Session after Hibernate Templateorg.hibernate3. JDBCTransaction - re-enabling autocommitorg.hibernate.transaction. Hibernate Transaction Manager - Closing Hibernate Session [org. Hibernate Template - Found thread-bound Session for Hibernate Template2015-11-11 : DEBUG main org.

After some more brooding and some essentially means that the query cache for a certain “region” (e.g.There is also a second level cache that is shared across sessions.

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