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As such, we’re not so convinced these gals are taking their friendship to the next level.I initially went to Puerto Rico to clear my mind, relax, get sh*t-faced drunk, and party.I have an AMAZING time on my one week stay, but looking back, there are a few things I would've done differently.Let me get some important particulars out of the way first: Population: About 4 million Language: Spanish, but most people speak English as well Currency: U. Dollar (USD)Economy: K Median Household (About half of Mississippi, the poorest in the U.

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According to Good, she grew up "super nerdy, super skinny, buckteeth, big ole afro and yet I had a sense of confidence about myself, like, 'they just don't get it yet' After taking on small film and television roles for the next few years, Good began to transition into more mature roles in the early 2000s.

From: Cuba Age: 34Notable telenovelas: Cuidado con el ángel, Pasión, La Tempestad, and Sortilegio Why you need him: His appearance on Dancing With the Stars means he can show you a move or two in and outside the bedroom.