Invalidating mother

17-Nov-2017 03:07

Although he seems to include just enough kernels of truth to make me think the whole thing is true, this is another example of one of LRH’s completely unattainable platitudes. Then again, maybe MEST is a problem because I’ve refused to accept full responsibility for it. I’ve heard people say LRH wasn’t talking about MEST, he was only referring to things in the theta universe, or facsimiles in the mind, or the emotional content of engrams.

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Was the “misemotion” I felt for the people who lost their homes in the last wildfire due to refusing to “accept responsibility in that sphere of action”? If I really, really look at something, it will vanish? Followed by a You Tube demonstration of MEST not persisting by direct observation.

This article briefly examines some of the principal differences between commercial and non-commercial forms of surrogate/contract parenting arrangements, including the presentation of arguments against and for the moral appropriateness of this sort of parenting arrangement.

After raising some of the principal challenges, four legal remedies for this complex mode of parenting are considered.

That is, this is a mode of parenting which allows a couple to have a child by involving a third party to their relationship who serves as birth mother, whether there is a contract or not.

As will become apparent, surrogate parenting complicates the parenting terrain and, as such, raises significant philosophical and ethical issues.This is followed by a brief summary of some healthcare organizations’ and professionals’ attitudes toward surrogacy/contract parenting arrangements.

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