Instinct marketing online dating websites

13-Aug-2017 06:35

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All this time, dating was about creating a profile at one of those networks and let the algorithms do the magic trick for us to find us someone to date.

But the inception of a single mobile application was about to challenge all our prevailing perceptions about online dating!

Social media platforms that are often overlooked by both clients and attorneys in this regard are the on-line dating websites and apps.

Many sites, such as, Bumble, Ok Cupid, and Tinder, operate much like more traditional social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

One ‘Swipe’ at a time, Tinder has changed the face of modern day dating.

In this age of fast growing Mobile commerce and Billions of Mobile applications hitting the market, at some point of time Dating too was about to be revolutionised.

Free sites will have more members (so more choice) but that means more admin on your side.

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You could go niche with sites tailored to single parents, country bumpkins, over-50s, Christians, or men and women in uniform.If you are like me, then your instinct will be to advise your client to avoid these sites altogether.However, chances are, if your client is involved in a long, drawn out, litigated divorce, he may disregard that advice entirely. ) Instead, if your client is utilizing any on-line dating sites or apps, advise him on to use them, in much the same way that you advised him on how to use Facebook. It can make some reflect on the fact that they are lucky to have love, and it can make others reflect on how difficult it is to find love.

Fortunately for those still looking, finding a match has gotten a lot easier now that the world has online dating, at least according to some.The most important issue to bring to your client’s attention is that his profile on these various platforms is public. Remind him that anything on his profile can become fodder in the divorce proceeding; it could be used against him.